Colocation in our Data Centers

Use our interactive data center map to deliver power, space, and cooling where you need it and when you need it. Save on real estate brokerage costs and let CTG do all your leg work and DC valuation that meet your expectations, timeframes, qualifications for a data center.

Colocation Services

A colocation center is a specific variety of data center where equipment, space, and bandwidth can be conformed to a customer’s specific needs. Colocation facilities provide power, space, cooling, and security at an economical cost.  We can offer high density power requirements up to 30 KW’s a  server cabinet in most of our centers.

  • Optimize, Grow, Respond: There are a great many reasons to use colocation data centers: optimizing your space, meeting the growing demand for your business and responding to market demands are just a few.
  • Improve Productivity: Colocation has become a leading solution for more and more companies with IT requirements, especially when speed and service carry a premium, because it allows a company’s IT staff to focus on the actual tasks that improve company productivity, rather than logistical support of the technologies which underlie the core tasks.
  • Evolve and Accelerate: As your business grows and evolves, colocation data centers allow you more space and a team of experts that can fine-tune your strategy to accelerate your results.
  • Scalability: Modular, multi-rack design offer scalability as your needs and demands evolve. It also allows an operating environment specific to your individual requirements.
  • Global Reach: Utilizing data and experience drawn from a global reach and cross-industry perspective, our experts can develop an optimal solution tailored to both the reality of your business and path along with it can evolve in the future.
  • Access hundreds of carriers,content delivery networks. and IP Transit providers from a carrier neutral data center.

Why Colocation?

There are a growing list of reasons to use a colocation data center for your hosting and data needs:

  • Fire protection
  • Cooling
  • Physical security
  • High density power availability
  • Internal and External Connections to multiple carries and IP transit providers
  • Having a off-site colocation facility replicates your internal (in house) business critical IT infrastructure in an event of a front end office power outage/natural disaster and eliminates downtime or data loss.
  • Colocation in a secure critical infrastructure facility ensures a proper disaster recovery/business continuity plan is in place and implemented.
  • Multiple mechanical and electrical redundancies that are offered in our data centers including generators, UPS, redundant power feeds, chillers up to 2N +3 at some our our locations.

All managed to the highest degree of precision.

Cumulus Technologies Group is ready to discuss your Colocation needs. Call us at (312) 600-6843 and a dedicated technology advisor will assist your further.