Disaster Recovery


Nobody really thinks about disaster recovery until it’s too late. Most businesses have their assets insured, however, even if their computers are replaced after a disaster, their data could simply be forever gone. When disaster hits, there’s not really much insurance can do to retrieve critical business information. There is a very simple way to make sure this never happens to your business and it only takes a few steps.

Disaster recovery is something that can be affordable for anyone, and can make a world of difference for your business if you are ever faced with unfortunate circumstances that result the loss of data.  Let Cumulus Technologies Group work with you IT budgets or at least point you in the right direction with one of our many strategic partnerships.  We strive for our customers to look at us as a business advocate other than just a service provider.

Cumulus considers two main levels of disaster recovery that can/need to be provided:

    1. Level One: This level incorporates a virtual cloud network or colocated replicated in house infrastructure. This allows your employees and yourself to access any data stored there if your front end office of “in house” critical IT infrastructure in no longer available (i.e. natural disaster, power outage, flooding). Any critical data or information to your company should be stored here so it can be easily accessible should you need it. This ensures that productivity will continue, at least at a minimal level, until complete recovery can be accomplished.
    2. Level Two: This second level of protection gives added security and peace of mind. With this level, you’ll have a nearly seamless transition of all of your data to a virtual environment, complete with ongoing server replication of any pieces of data that require the least amount of downtime possible. This level is accessible by any and all employees until you have your core infrastructure is back up, and means that productivity can continue without interruption.

Disaster Recovery should be a necessity for any business. It’s a time tested solution to a potentially disastrous situation, and you can rest assured knowing that you and your business is protected no matter what. Even at Level One, you maintain the safety and security of any critical data files that are imperative to keeping your business functioning.

      • No outside equipment to purchase. Virtual cloud means virtual storage
      • Fast production systems recovery-depending on the amount of data, your RTO/RPO can be as fast as four hours
      • Vendor agnostic hardware enables you to negotiate with software based agents to replicate production
      • Choose your data center based on geographic location. This allows you to choose somewhere close to you, or a completely different location.
      • Systems are easily tested without having an impact on any production systems.
      • Company productivity need not be impacted in the event that the local server or data center is corrupted or not in service


The safety and security of your company’s data is one of the most important focuses of our company. We want to ensure that not only do you have access to your information in the event that disaster recovery is needed, but that it is done in the most secure way possible. Not only do we follow the safety and security guidelines put in effect by various governing bodies, we ensure that your mission critical business data or applications are 100% protected. We have integrated all of these various methods in an effort to make the safest and securest platform possible for all of our clients while also maintaining an easy and effective interface. Some things that we use to make this possible are as follows:

      • Isolation of physical hardware in order to maintain a standard level of pattern implementation
      • Administration credentials include an extensive level of encryption as well as various control options
      • High level protection and intruder detection levels in place
      • Multi-layered security and network change request controls
      • Controls for access to private networks

Our data centers have achieved several different accreditations in our industry as a result of our security measures, including the following:

      • SOC 1/2/3, ISAE 3402, and SSAE 16 for our data centers as well as for our managed services
      • ISO 27001 for an ongoing, systematic approach to how we manage information security risks that have the potential to affect the integrity, availability, as well as confidentiality of customer and company information


Your Defense against Data Loss

CTG delivers disaster recovery solutions customized and catering to your exacting business needs fromsecurely backing up small-datatoenterprise-sized data redundancy.

    • Seamless Remote DataBackup and Storage
    • Continually Protected Data
    • Geographic Failover& Load Balancing
    • Database Replication (MySQL, Microsoft SQL)
    • SAN/NAS Replication (NetApp, EMC, Nimble, and more)