The top 10 benefits of outsourcing

The top 10 benefits of outsourcing 1) Reduced service and support costs within a managed and predictable budget. 2) Better quality of service, fewer IT failures and less downtime – thanks to well-defined SLAs. 4) Access to the latest applications without high up-front license costs. 5) Access to accredited engineers, skills and technical expertise without having to train your own staff. 6) Reduce the risk of employees leaving and taking their knowledge with them. 7) Round-the-clock...Read more

Ensure your Business sustains during a outage!

How Would You Handle an Outage or Natural Disaster? In today’s volatile world, disaster recovery plans are a complete necessity. Ask yourself-How mission critical ia my business databases and application? Does my business shut down due to unexpected outage or natural disaster and lose money? Colocation and private cloud data storage is a critical part of a solid business continuity plan and Cumulus can help you mitigate risks. With strategic...Read more

AWS goes down-ensure your business sustains with a DR plan with Cumulus! On Sunday, August 25, 2013, one of Amazon Cloud’s data centers experienced performance issues, causing Instagram and Vine to go down. The failure lasted almost an hour, affecting other sites as well: Netflix, Airbnb, and also suffered, but with fewer issues. The finger is being pointed at a Northern Virginia data center, which experienced a number of API (application programming interface) error rates. Disgruntled clients flocked to Twitter the same way...Read more