Virtual Private Servers

Create Your Cloud Server

Cumulus Technologies Group cloud services promises to revolutionize the future of IT service delivery by enabling a faster and more flexible way to meet the technology needs of your organization. Take the simplest path to your cloud-enabled future with Cumulus’ end-to-end portfolio of dedicated infrastructure, services and management tools.

CumulusTechnologies Group cloud services is backed by a 100% SLA guarantee. We dedicate resources to each customer so noisy neighbors are never an issue. Ideal for high performance production workloads.

Cumulus Technologies Group’s Cloud features:

Dedicated compute resources per customer in a N+1 architecture
Virtually dedicated storage with multi-petabyte capabilities (100,000+ IOPS per volume guaranteed)
Dedicated network (sub 40 ms coast to coast latency via dedicated, redundant 10 Gb+ networking)

Use Cases:

Hybrid cloud environments: Enable portability between on-premise, co-located and cloud environments
Production cloud: Supports enterprise-class applications from Tier 0 to Tier 4, test/dev environments and seasonal spikes
Disaster Recovery as a Service: Failover to the cloud for a cost-effective, efficient disaster prevention mechanism
Virtual Desktop in the Cloud: Enables VDI services in the cloud to capture one of the most profitable services in the marketplace
Backup to the Cloud: An ideal entry-point into the cloud for backup protection and archiving

Why Cumulus:

Cloud nodes spanning six geographies worldwide reduce latency of critical applications
Own your brand. Preserve your customer relationships. We won’t compete for end-user business
24 x 7 customer support allows partners to offer 100% availability SLAs
TRILL-based patent-pending layer 2 topology simplifies deployment of your global cloud
Dedicated network connection from your premise to our cloud enables improved security
Aggregated performance that only an infrastructure of our magnitude can provide, without capital expense

Compute Environment:

Open Compute 2.0 Intel E3, E5 sleds; all solid state include boot
Open Compute 2.0 AMD 6300 series sleds; all solid state including boot
Compliance: SSAE 16 SOC 1 and 2 Type II, HIPAA compliant and PCI capable
Environmental: N+1 (or better) redundancy for power and cooling
Storage Environment

Five tiers:

Tier 0 – very high performance storage – Host based SSD
Tier 1 – high IOPS workload – SAN attached SSDTier 2 – applications and VMs – SAN attached SAS disk
Tier 3 – bulk storage – SAN attached SATA disk
Tier 4 – archival storage – Object-based storage

Network Environment:

Host Network: Redundant connections for isolated storage, interconnect, and application networks. Native dual 10 Gbps; active-active to host
Network Fabric: High performance distributed core 10 Gbps technology
Storage Fabric: Redundant, high-performance connections with optimized path to hosts

Wide Area Network:


Blend of Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers, dynamic routing and peering provides sub-40ms latency coast to coast
TRILL-based (Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links) patent-pending layer 2 network topology
.3 ms convergence
Any subnet anywhere, multi-tenancy
Virtual Routing Forwarding (VRF)