Cloud Solutions

Scalable, reliable, and secure cloud servers for your mission critical IT databases.

Cloud Solutions

Allow Cumulus Technologies Group to deliver and manage your private cloud. Cumulus Technologies Group is equipped with dedicated and customized cloud solutions with industry-leading, dedicated cloud platforms. Virtual machine management portals are included.  We have over 30 global private cloud providers as partners to find you the best solution that meets your budgets and specific requirements in the private cloud sector.  We are the ideal solution for businesses in need of secure resources.

Compliance Guaranteed

Cumulus Technologies Group is designed to deliver, manage and protect private clouds. Combine Cumulus Technologies Group with other cloud technologies, (VMware vCloud Director, VMware vSphere and CA AppLogic,) and relax in knowing your private cloud is secure.

  • FISMA, HIPPAA and PCI DSS Compliant: The Cumulus Technologies Group’s expertise ensures our client’s confidence in our services, with support for FISMA, HIPPAA and PCI DSS. Regulatory IT assessments and audits are no longer a worry for you, as our service will pass any inspection.
  • 100% Compliance Guarantee: Included with our services is our 100% Compliance Guarantee. This includes a team on call 24/7 to manage and maintain the breadth of IT controls that determine your compliance. Your confidential data and proprietary information is protected under the most rigorous of standards industry-wide.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Cumulus Technologies Group monitors your entire system security. Our team employs stringent management oversight, advanced tools, thorough ITIL-based processes and vigorous system logs.


Cumulus Technologies Group’s experts offers 10 years of experience in delivering dedicated server clusters and colocation for off -site back up .

  • Disaster Recovery: In the event of a disaster, we provide Disaster Recovery services to keep your core, critical functions running.
  • Application Performance Management: In addition, in order to monitor and optimize the performance of revenue-critical applications we offer Application Performance Management services.
  • Solid Framework: Cumulus Technologies Group’s Meta structure engenders a solid framework for each cloud and managed hosting need.
  • Redundant Data Centers: Our fully redundant data centers possess offsite and failover data replications, ensuring the safety of your data, worldwide.
  • Guaranteed: With these guarantees, your data is safely nestled within the most technically advanced data security utilities and processes on the planet.
Hybrid Cloud

While most data is perfectly safe and secure in a cloud server, there are several different types of applications that aren’t entirely compatible with a cloud environment, like databases. In instances like this, it is best to choose a hybrid cloud solution. This method takes your collocated infrastructure and connects to a private or public cloud, or sometimes both. Hybrid clouds help provide the compliance of hardware with an easily scalable cloud environment.

Migrate When You Choose

It isn’t necessary to move an entire application to the Cloud. You can run older elements from the physical database while launching the newer elements from the Cloud, or in whatever method is needed to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible while staying protected. Other benefits to the systems include the following:

  • Customizable: You choose which elements go into the Cloud, and which don’t
  • Compliance: The flexibility of Cloud solutions is there to allow for the 100% compliance, something that we’re proud to be the first of our kind to achieve
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Since we give you the ability to utilize a shared cloud platform, you don’t have to pay as much as you would for a private, but you still have the same benefits.
  • Compatibility: We provide a wide variety of cloud solutions for any number of enterprise and web hosting applications.
  • Peace of Mind: There are no administration or management needed to get the performance of a fully managed model, allowing you access at any time.

Is your business suffering from slow connectivity in a time critical industry? Are poor configurations slowing down your network solutions?

Call us at (312) 600-6843 and Cumulus Technologies Group will be happy to educate and discuss our cloud services or simply discuss how to improve your current IT business strategy.  Our goal is to have our customers look to us as an advocate and to utilize our strategic partners to help increase reliability/scalability, reduce costs, and meet every aspect of your expectations of a IT service partner.