Financial IT Services


We are one of the leading providers of high-frequency technology and trading consulting in the financial industry. We specialize in trading application development in regards to algorithmic trading as well as high speed infrastructures and market making. For more than a decade, our founders have been working with leaders in the industry to provide high-speed exchange connectivity, proximity co-location, algorithmic trading design, application, and engineering, as well as WAN/LAN design.

If your financial institution is looking to enter high-frequency trading, we can get you there fast without spending a lot. We have worked with many major financial exchanges across the globe and are familiar with all major protocols.

The financial market is not the same as it was five years ago, and as many financial industries consolidate, this change will continue for approximately another three years.

The IT market features products and technology that are much more affordable than they were when this sector made its mark on the financial industry more ten  years ago. While machines and the software required to run them has become substantially more affordable, financial institutions and high-end businesses are discovering that it is absolutely necessary to have all of the current technology, and actually need to be ahead of the curve in order to stay on top of all of the necessary data safety, security measures, compliances and most importantly, competition.

Fortunately, our company has the experience and the necessary tools to not only deliver this kind of service and experience, but also to maintain our position in the financial services industry for years to come.

  • High-Frequency Trading specialists in Design Services and Trading Infrastructure
  • Colo Design, Implementation, and Financial Exchange Proximity and Connectivity
  • Algorithm Trading Application Development and Engineering
  • Back Office and Trading Software Engineering
  • Utilization of Financial Infrastructure Co-Op-allows for firms to eliminate extra bandwidth and colo assets while utilizing leverage of the co-ops global assets
  • Trading Floor includes Datacenter Implementation, Move Planning, and Desing
  • Market and Network Data Design and Assessment
  • Compliance System Design and Assessment
  • 24/7 Application, Network Monitoring Service, and Market Data
  • Remote System Administration for Windows, Arista, Cisco, LAN/WAN, Linux, and All Popular 3rd Party Trading Applications
  • Increase in Market Share Due To Faster Execution Of Trade
  • Time to Market Reduced
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Reduction In Stress On Internal IT Departments
Services and Solutions:
Gateways to Markets and Price Feed Handlers
  • Click this link to learn more about this technology: CME Group Ultra Low Latency Price Feed Handler and FIX Gateway
Hosted Servers for Production featuring Production Market Data
  • Servers for Windows or Linux include Exchange Certification Environment as well as Production Market Data
  • Add an optional CME Group Price Feed Handler with Ultra Low Latency and FIX Gateway
Hosted Servers for Developers featuring Production Market Data
  • Developers Servers also feature a Windows or Linux Server that contains an Exchange Certification Environment as well as Production Market Data
Managed Services and Programming:
  • Our Design Services and the Trading Infrastructure we have specialize in High Frequency Trading
  • Colo and Proximity Design and Implementation, Financial Exchange Connectivity
  • Back Office Software and Trading Software Engineering
  • Development and Engineering of Algorithm based Trading Application
  • Trading and Back Office Software Engineering
Market Gateways:
  • NYMEX, CBOT, COMEX, CME Ultra Low Latency Price Feed Handler
  • Certification Pending for Bm&fBOVESPA
  • Certification Pending for DME
  • ICE, Brokertec, eSpeed Pending
Proximity Colo:
  • Design, Deployment, and Engineering of Proximity Colo
  • Market Data
  • Colo Co-op available for the following Financial Infrastructure: CME Aurora, NY2/4, 350 Cermak, Secaucus, Mahwah, Basilton, Carteret, Weehawken, Rochelle Park
  • Fully Hosted Raw Datacenter Space
LAN/WAN and Network Engineering:
  • Datacenter and Trading Floor Design, Move Planning, and Implementation
  • Market Data and Network design and assessment
  • 24/7 Market Data, Network, and Application monitoring services
  • Cisco, Windows, Linus, LAN/WAN, Arista, and all other popular 3rd party trading application Remote System Administration
3rd Party Application Support:
  • Major Trading Application Troubleshooting and Support
  • Support for Trading Floor
Staff Supplementation and On-Site Counseling Available in the form of:
  • Programmers, Network Engineers, Project Managers, Market Data Specialists, Database Administrators, and more
  • Third Party Trading and Trade Floor Application Support Specialists
  • Training, Engineering, and Development available for numerous applications and services
  • 24/7 Support for Applications, Network Monitoring, and Applications
  • Remote Systems Administration available