The top 10 benefits of outsourcing

The top 10 benefits of outsourcing

The top 10 benefits of outsourcing

1) Reduced service and support costs within a managed and predictable budget.

2) Better quality of service, fewer IT failures and less downtime – thanks to well-defined SLAs.

4) Access to the latest applications without high up-front license costs.

5) Access to accredited engineers, skills and technical expertise without having to train your own staff.

6) Reduce the risk of employees leaving and taking their knowledge with them.

7) Round-the-clock access to a help desk primed to resolve problems remotely and rapidly.

8) Compliance with the latest regulations.

9) Guaranteed data security at remote, hosted data centres.

10) Real accountability via contracted commitments from a third party supplier partner that wants to keep your business, rather than reliance on an in-house group that is hard to pin down.

Remove high IT staff costs from your balance sheet and run an opex budget instead.

For some time, there have been signs that IT directors in smaller enterprises are increasingly receptive to these benefits – and are even embracing them with greater agility than their global counterparts. A 2009 survey from Computer Economics suggested that 27% of businesses now outsource applications management, while 21% outsource database management.